Meditation on Memory

I am a memory, remembered and yet to be remembered
I watch through memories my life the choices I made and experience which followed.
I hear the voices once again that pleased and plagued me –
I am the physical vessel of memory.
Feelings return in my meditation and , once again , I laugh, I cry, I rage inside.
Aware that I may be the “voice” of myself having a memory experience.
I can see multiple “memories” come Continue reading

A Lilly in my Garden

A Lily in my Garden

There grows a white lilly in my garden
I do not know how it came to be there
but it is a wonder to behold
Placed by fate among the thorns and
brilliant color of my roses

Her face is fair and white as china
her stem, strong and smooth–
no thorns to scratch or prick me–

She stands alone
Not drooping like the daffodils
or weakened like the tender violets
but firm in her foundation,
her face looking ever towards the heavens.

Her leaves are thick
and green like shields against the storm.
Perfect purity is the essence of her life,
without a care for the fads or fashions of the world.

A lilly full of grace and beauty
the envy of passers-by.
Not long will she stand alone
for through her will other lillies
grace my garden, each one a

beauty to behold.

A Lily in my Garden © J K Sommers, 1995

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This Earthly Place

This might help move our thoughts to a higher level 😀

Passion Poetry & Practical Pondering

 In Atlantis  

Here walks the sacred Fem, in a sacred place–
Where spirits of Moon and Earth, divine, bridge
the stream of life and time with love and hope
for all mankind and knit silver threads of life into oneness–
of heart and breath and mind, to her, the goddess,
Freya– Mother of all life.

By the song of Wind and sweetly scented mist of Life
Through Wooded hills and blossomed fields, to a solemn place–
Steps softly she, this day of May, Lithia, the joyous goddess.
Green leafed trillium and roses sweet vine the bridge
Her Virgin pelisse opens, the feminine within, enter into oneness
with the masculine divine, bringing new life hope

Dance Brigid, round the fires of hope.
Chant the mystic circle, heal the sorrowful life
by the sun, the moon and stars, complete the wheel of oneness.
Magic is within her grace between this…

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FUD. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. Now, I use this “word” Fud, to describe any info that brings “discomfort” to a person. From this definition you can now use FUDER, FUDERY, FUDERIST, FUDERLY, etc.
Most NEWS information is about FUD. Those who repeat, endorse and amplify any part of FUD is a FUDER. Giving out FUDed information is using FUDery tactics to increase FUDism in the population. FUDism sells everything – to “cure” your FUDity, but actually only increases FUD effects.
Be FUDed of be FREE. Turn off the INFO media.
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Golden heads swaying in the sun
Daisies from a land beyond
make their home, a foreign one,

Their seeds fly in the warm breeze
roots spread quick among the reeds
Strangers, in a strange land–Free

Yet here is Earth to lay upon
nutrients to make one strong
A place, like home, to belong

Water too, for life to flourish
without which all would perish
The blood of Earth to drink and cherish

Light energy bathes the land
warmth infused into the sand
A treasure given without command

A Zephyr no one can contain
blows softly through brush and cane
Nitrogen for Oxygen, a mutual exchange

No keep out signs are posted where
racial lines divide this sphere
Life is welcome to flourish here

No God is preached among the reeds
Nor sin laid upon the Daisy seeds
Or contemptible construction of evil deeds

This Estuary becomes the home
of all that light upon it’s loam
Native grass and reed, or Daisies, foreign-born

Integration © J K Sommers, 2005

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I Thank you for your friendship
you shared without a thought-
I Thank you for the happiness
your friendship warmly brought.
I’ve learned so many simple truths
to help improve my life-
Your friendship taught me all of them
So I know they must be right
You taught me friends are needed
to get me through my day
I need your friendly smiles
to help me on my way
You taught me how to work together
in work as well as fun
It’s in this way, I truly feel,
by our spirit we’re one
You’ve done so many special things
I couldn’t begin to say
except this wish I give to you
In life as friends we’ll stay. Continue reading

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Man on Hawley Road

Oh! the Fallow Ground lay grieving
parched unbroken soil seeking
Drops of water falling
from heavy laden clouds.

Weed and Thistle spread laughingly
o’er the crusted field–
No Rows, nor poles.
No String or twining vine.

Crickets and Hoppers sing-
Hee-Hee, Hee-Hee
as the Crows caw disgustedly-
“Where is He?” Where is He?”

There against the gate they wait,
The Hoe, The Rake and Shovel.
For He once took them earnestly,
To work away his troubles.

He lumbers in from labors past
and nods his head and rumbles–
“What use is it to toil and sweat
when Harvest work does crumble?”

Then to the field he turns his back
and steps hard past the gate.
He set his eyes upon his house
past the Shovel, the Hoe and Rake.

© J K Sommers, June 1995

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The Soul of Man has taken flight
upon the wings of a dove
And in its sight  is the Tree of Life
and the Branch of Human Love
There ‘t will make a nest of Hope
and rear her tender young
infused in them the Heart of Man
That Peace shall overcome.
The fledglings then, with passion bend
upon the brink of security
fluttering wings of faith unknown
pause in brief uncertainty
They too shall bear upon the wind
the soul of man, unbound by sin,
that man, in truth, shall possess
the nature of his being–
when all the psalms of heaven die
Man will keep on living.
©J K Sommers

Resurrection (As a Tree)


Resurrection (As a Tree)

Out of Darkness
Out of Sin
Into Light and Life
Full of wonder
and Awe
no Evil to measure
Only Goodness

Life is
not shamed
not damned
not crucified
not hoped for

Life is
Blood not spilled but
Heart pumping
Mind Seeking
Body Embracing–
Not Forsaking

Born unto the Earth
Light of the Sun
supple watery form
Spirit infused
Body of Life!
With every Right
of Nature
to be


As A Tree

A tree is born
of soil
of water
of light

From Acorn
to a living Oak–
A thousands years
younger than the Ocean

Spirit Infused
Body of Life!

It knows no shame
It is not burdened with Sin
It does not give its Self up
to a god in submission of its life and will

A tree lives
From dawn to dawn,
through seasons
through millennium
She does as a tree does.

She makes her shade
and takes in the warmth
and drinks the water
Not for a place beyond
but for the place she is upon

She does not change
the shape of her leaves
as fashion on the breeze
or take a vow of celibacy

She stretches forth her limbs
as sanctuary
the boughs of birth and book
to that which rests in her arms

Rise up in resurrection
freedom from degradation

Claim the birthright of you soul
stolen by salvation

Neither cross
nor blood
nor bargain

can change the Nature of your Being

For this you are
Divinely –

© J K Sommers, Passion Poetry, 2004

Rise to Power?

I heard as all others, that Nelson Mandella passed on from this life.  What caught my soul in greif was the continuous announcement of how this Man, a Light of Humanity, was being praised for his “rise to power” and how significant he was in the political and social change of South Africa and the world at large because of his “rise to power.”  Nelson Mandella did not “rise to power,” he Rose to the Occasion and acted upon the circumstance he and his family at large found to be their reality.  He was one of many who suffered from Religious Bigotry and all the inhumane treatment meted out under the false belief that some are “chosen” and the rest are NOT.  

Mandella Rose to the Occasion because his heart spoke to him of the loss of Love, and his soul cried out to him of Injustice and the Light of Life that he is within spoke to him of the abomonable sin forced into the minds of men that it is Right for Man to suffer, that suffering is Holiness and the Will of Divine Authority.

The United States of America, that ideal which brought diverse State Governments together under one Federal agreement called The Constitution, was incomplete until the “Bill of Rights” was presented and agreed upon (some States most unwilling and disagreeable).  How is it that the plight of South Africa under it’s rule of Apartied was seriously ignored? How is it that the suffering of injustices under the idea of “Separate but Equal” didn’t raise more ire in America?  Why weren’t our ambassadors to So. Africa pressing for reform and release of political prisoners, Nelson Mandella one among them?  When he was released after 23 years – hardly a whisper went through the American psyche – even less was noted when Apartied ended, no thanks to American assistance.

Now we will hear praise and accolade as politicians give lip service to the world about the man who brought equality, peace and understanding through nonviolence, by example.  Which, if any, of these “frauds” will change their actions to match their words-  the Heart of  Humanity knows the truth.